by Pam Guthrie*

moneyDid you know that by changing how you think about money you can have a huge impact on your financial well-being? Creative Questions are a simple, profound tool that can make a big difference for you.

We all use Creative Questions all the time, but mostly we are completely unaware of them. A Creative Question is, simply put, a question with a pre-determined affirming result built in. Unfortunately, most questions we ask bring results we actually don’t want. By becoming aware of what kind of questions we are asking ourselves and replacing them with good Creative Questions we can start getting the financial results we want.

Some years back I was talking with a friend about how changing my thoughts about money had improved my financial circumstances. He said, “That doesn’t work! I think about money all the time!” I asked him, “Do you think about having money, or not having money?” “Oh,” he replied. “I guess I am getting what I think about.” That’s it in a nutshell.

Most of us have learned to think about money as something we don’t have enough of, and as a result, that’s what we get – not enough money.

“Why is it so hard to pay my bills?” “Why can’t I pay off my credit card?” “Why is it so difficult to make my mortgage?” “Why is there never anything left over?” These are great examples of the kinds of questions that keep us stuck in a relationship with money that leaves us feeling stressed, unhappy and full of lack. By flipping these questions to Creative Questions, we break through our attitude of lack and begin to create for ourselves a sense of abundance and prosperity. This shift changes the way we “filter” the world, and we can see opportunities and resources that we previously were blind to.

Notice how you feel when you ask yourself the Creative Question, “Why is it so easy pay my bills?” Feels pretty good, doesn’t it. Some people may have big objections to a question like that. Then try, “Why could it be so easy for me to pay my bills?” One of the jobs of our subconscious mind is to find answers for the result-based questions we ask. Focusing on what we lack will bring to mind what we lack. When we bring our attention to our resourcefulness, our creativity, and our ability to choose, we find that our world has suddenly shifted to one of abundance and opportunity.

So how do we do that? First, get really clear with your financial goals. Get specific. “I want to be rich,” is too vague – compared to what? – according to whom? “I want a savings account with two months salary in it” is better, but still pretty vague. “I want a savings account with $15,000 in it” is better and putting a by-when date is the best. “I have my own savings account with $15, 000 in it by my birthday.” Now, that’s a well-defined goal.

When you have set your clear goal, one that feels attainable, with specifics like what, where and when, but not how, turn it into a Creative Question. Ask yourself, “Why can I have my own savings account with $15, 000 in it by my birthday?” Ask yourself, “What makes me have my own savings account with $15,000 in it by my birthday?” You see, when it comes to money there are lots of ways it can come to you. Salaries are one, but so are gifts, winnings, benefits, bequests, and many more ways. Start asking your friends if they have ever had money come to them in an unusual way. Keep it ethical, but otherwise leave the limits of the “how” out of the picture.

Once you have your questions, use them. Write them on cards and carry them with you. Post them at your work station. Write them on your bathroom mirror. Put them where you will see them all the time.

Practice them by writing them, and use your name. “Why can I (your name) have $15,000 in my own savings account by my birthday?” You don’t need answers to appear in your mind, but if they do, write them down, too. Change the pronoun, “Why does he/she have his/her own savings account with $15, 000 in it by his/her birthday?”

Notice when the disturbing thoughts come up and replace them with your new Creative Question. Be aware of the sneaky ways those thoughts can get you. Words like lack, owe, debt, or phrases like can’t afford, can’t pay, costs too much are good to look for. Is it true that you can’t afford something, or is the truth, beneath the words that you’d rather spend your money in a different way? Is something too much, or do you think it’s not worth the asking price?

We often respond to money issues with habitual behavior that don’t serve us well. When we pay attention to those habits, shine the light of choice on them, so to speak, we can change our behavior for the better. Do I really want a new pair of shoes, new power tool, new MP3 download, or would I rather have that money to put in my savings account?

As you change your thinking about money, and your relationship with money, you will find it easier to follow the great advice out there for achieving your financial goals. You may even find that you enjoy paying your bills and building your nest egg. “What makes me love my relationship with money?”

* Pam Guthrie has been in the healing biz for more than 30 years. She has been using Creative Questions for the last six of those with amazing results.


Doctor MonicaI am happy to have the opportunity to share with you some of my journey.

Considering myself a very “mental” woman I fell totally in-love with the world of affirmations, and the opportunity to change my life and issues through them.

Using affirmations I went through a lot of beautiful moments, good intentions, frustrations and needing to start over and over again.

At the same time, supported by personal circumstances and through teaching Goddess Inspiration workshops, I opened the door to a world of “feeling” or “experiencing life” that helped me to discover a deeper life than just thinking.

One day, Arne Rantzen, my partner in life, came to me with the realization that questions tap directly into the curiosity or creativity of the universe, and how understanding this, could help us to allow the power of creation to work for us.

We also realized that the more we “feel” or “experience” our questions the easier it is to open the space to receive answers from the universe. We started playing with questions more and more, learning from experience, whether or not if the kind of questions we were asking were expansive.

For example, I become aware of how often I was asking questions like, “Why is this not working?” or “Why can’t I do this?”. I spent many years working with affirmations and thinking, “I can do it!”, but I never felt the gentleness and joy of curiosity involved in asking, “Why can I do this?”, tapping into the unlimited potential of creativity.

Through asking questions consciously, I experienced the fresh and new creativity that opens up when I ask and “feel” the question. When we understood how questions run by themselves, looking for answers, we saw the power of questions, and how important it is for all of us to know about this.

With Creative Questions (a question that has an intended results built in to the question) I discovered that statements, such as affirmations, are facts which don’t open the door to our creative power. Using affirmations created an inner conflict between my reality and what I was trying to manifest, which felt discouraging.

What I know now is that by asking Creative Questions, I allow the creativity of the Universe to respond to me.

Instead of imposing the thought of what I want, I ask for it. For example, the affirmation “I am grateful”, when I am not experiencing gratitude, can be frustrating. But, if I instead ask, “Why am I grateful?” or “Why can I be grateful?”, hmmm, I can immediately feel a response and expansion towards gratitude.

This is why I like to call Creative Questions the next level in our conscious evolution. When I understood that the creative power of thinking is activated through questions, I opened the door to a much more playful and enjoyable path towards tapping into my unlimited potential of creativity.

Have you ever heard, “Ask and it is given?”
or “All of your questions will be answered?”
Through Creative Questions you can see that this is true!

How do you feel when you feel Grateful?
Why can I have all that I want? Hmmm ……. let’s see………
Ask and Your Universe Will Respond!

gratitude-front-shadowNow I have created a year long Online Coaching Program to support you to understand and experience the full power of Creative Questions, so you also can Expand Yourself and Change Your Life!

For your Expansion!
Monica Garaycoechea, MD

Discover how High Frequency Questions easily
re-programs Your Mind to focus on your success.

Do you believe in yourself? I have noticed that sometimes I don’t believe in myself. I mean really believing that I am a valuable divine being.

So, I try to overcompensate by being a “productive” “nice guy”, working and working, trying to prove to myself and others that I am valuable.

I am very excited to share with you how easy it is to change this experience so you can learn to do the same. By simply transforming a limiting question to a High Frequency Creative Question your mind will look for new evidence to prove that you do have reasons to believe in yourself.

I have taken a look at what my mind is busy thinking and found that it often considers the question “Why don’t I believe in myself?”

Luckily I’m not my mind, so I have the power to choose to change this question to a question that is in alignment with what I consciously want.

Now, I exchange my limiting question, with its opposite Creative Question “Why Can I Believe In Myself?” and so recover my value, confidence and belonging again.

A quick way to get to experience your new empowering life is to ask what we call “Feeling Questions”. You can quickly switch to feeling “High Self-esteem” by this High Frequency Feeling Creative Question:

How Do I Feel When I Believe In Myself?


why-am-i-luckyToday, I woke up with a new kind of question on my mind.

At first glance, it had a slightly different angle than a standard Creative Question, so I wanted to dismiss it.

But, I noticed that it made me feel really good.
So, I have decided to share it with you anyway.

Personally, it makes me feel that I am on track with my purpose. It encourages and energizes me to follow through on my mission, and be even more, an inspiration for others to live a meaningful life.

So, I encourage you to try out this Creative Question many times today and really ask yourself:


If you have a particular topic you want more success with you insert that into the question also,

Why am I so Lucky with….?


what-is-so-good-about-thatHave you noticed how people are starting to use the Creative Questions language? They may not realize that it is the questions themselves that activates their success, but nevertheless they use them.

A common great Creative Question that opens you up to the goodness of any situation is: What is so good about that?

When we use the Creative Questions language, we inspire our own and other people’s lives deeply, instead of being lost in our usual shallow living.

Here is an example. First the old way I approached my wisdom:
I like you to start to use the Creative Question Cards because it directs your mind to create what you want.

The new Creative Question language will say the same thing like this:
When you pick a Creative Question card and contemplate that new inspiring High Frequency Question, you will remember how perfect you are. You will find that your whole body relaxes and you fill up with new fresh energy.

Did you feel the difference?

I invite you to play the Creative Question’s game and ask yourself:

“What is so good about (fill in the blank) ____________________________________ ?”

Notice how things can change from being boring, frustrating or negative to being interesting, positive and exciting.


why-do-i-focus-on-successDo you know that how clear you are about your intention, or lack thereof, is directly proportionate to how motivated, excited and satisfied you feel or how apathetic, lazy and bored you are?

You probably know that you can access your success by intentionally choosing to focus on what you want.

The hard part is to actually consistently keep your intention focused. “I know I should focus on what I want but it is so difficult to actually to do it.” Do you relate?

What about if there was a practical and easy way to trick your mind to keep its focus? Would you be interested? Let me tell you how Creative Questions can focus your mind.

When you ask yourself a question your mind has no choice but to look for answers to that question. Without any effort on your part your mind will focus and find answers to your question.

Since your Creative Question is a “specific question” it will guide your mind to try to prove that your question is true. This is like the example of being in the market for a new car. You speculate “Why should I get this brand?” and suddenly you see this car everywhere. Right?

Some of the questions we ask ourselves are not good, but they have no choice but to create what we don’t want, like “Why am I not happy?” or “Why am I never good enough?”

Your job is to feed your mind the kind of questions that will bring the results that you actually do want and then sit back and watch your results manifest.

Creative Questions is a great system that can help your mind to focus on the kind of questions that will expand you.

The following Creative Questions are good questions. They will help you clarify your intention. The only thing you need to do is to actually consider these Creative Questions for about 1 minute.

I am sure that when you contemplate these Creative Questions you will instantly feel your Will-Power. Are you willing to give yourself 1 minute to wake up your motivation?

What is my intention?

What kind of success do I want?

Watch your experience change and your mind fill with inspiration, visions and excitement.

So, now you realize that you can use Creative Questions to focus your intention to succeed in many areas of your life.

Sometimes it can be difficult to make the switch and difficult to accept that new High Frequency Creative Question.

If your mind tells you to stay away from that question, with reasons and enough evidence to the contrary, you can use this Transitional Creative Question from the Creative Question Cards Guidebook:

How have I changed from being ambiguous to having a clear intention?


why-am-i-excitedYou may have noticed that you feel the best and reach others when you are in a good space and are having good energy. When you share your good energy everyone benefits. You win by being in the good energy and other people benefit by receiving your good energy.

Unfortunately, it is easy to lose one’s excitement and get caught up in disappointment.

One reason we fall into this trap is that we get into the mindset that our aliveness can bother others rather than realizing that we are a gift and contribution.

The challenge is to break the habit of self-doubt and holding back and foster the wisdom that your passion is actually empowering to yourself and others.

Spend a few moments throughout your day and let these Creative Questions, one by one, remind you of your good energy:

Why am I excited?

How am I an inspiration?

How do I feel when I know I am a contribution?


easySometimes, I feel stressed out with all the things I have to take care of.

Then, I remind myself that this kind of attitude must be fueled by an unfavorable question.

Through a little investigation I notice that my mind is busy thinking “Why is my life such a struggle?”

Have you ever thought that?

I am glad that I base my life on the Creative Question language. Now I know that by switching my question to its opposite I can get excited about my work again.

After a minute of choosing the Creative Question “Why is my life so Easy?” I start to relax and remember that I don’t have to finish all my projects now, especially since I will probably never run out of new projects.

I am very excited to share how easy it can be to change an experience by simply transforming a dis-empowering question to a supportive Creative Question.

Here is the key: When you struggle, start to ask yourself: Why Is It So Easy? Then watch your mind fill with good answers and your experience change.

Sometimes it can be difficult to make the switch and difficult to accept that new High Frequency Creative Question. If your mind tells you to stay away from that question, with reasons and enough evidence to the contrary, you can use this Transitional Creative Question from the Creative Question Cards Guidebook to make it easier:

How have I Changed from Struggling to Relaxing into the Flow of Life?


good-enoughHave you ever felt that no matter how much you do your best, it is never good enough?

I always have a long list of things I need to do.

A part of me is constantly checking if I am working enough, being spiritual enough, having enough money, having a good enough relationship or if my body is good enough …

And when I do succeed in one area I forget to celebrate this success by jumping straight to the next unfinished project.

Can you relate?

The Good News is that now I realize that I have trapped myself into feeling not good enough, because I have been asking myself the dis-empowering question “Why am I not good enough?”

Now, when I feel “not good enough” I remind myself that I am actually doing my best and thus I can easily switch my limiting question for the new Creative Question “Why am I good enough?”

How about you? If you can use a little acknowledgment, Take A Minute NOW and ponder the Creative Question: Why Am I Good Enough?

Don’t get too occupied with the answers, but keep focusing back on the Creative Question itself.

A quick way to feel Good Enough is to use this “Feeling Creative Question” from the Creative Question Cards Guidebook:

How Do I Feel When I Feel Good Enough?


rightSometimes I find myself really stuck, and want to be right, even though I know that if I could only change my attitude I would feel a lot better.

Having used the Creative Question System a lot, I know that:

My ideas, points of view and beliefs originate from questions.

My mind can’t discern between good and bad questions.

My mind will answer all questions.

So, when I feel stuck, I look for what question I am asking myself, to be able to get this response, and often find “Why am I wrong?”

Having captured what kind of dis-empowering question I am asking myself I can easily switch to its opposite Creative Question:

“Why am I naturally right?”

If you find it difficult to accept your new High Frequency Creative Question and your mind tell you to stay away from that question, because you have enough evidence to the contrary, you can use this transitional question:

How have I changed from thinking I’m wrong to knowing that I am right?