Doctor MonicaI am happy to have the opportunity to share with you some of my journey.

Considering myself a very “mental” woman I fell totally in-love with the world of affirmations, and the opportunity to change my life and issues through them.

Using affirmations I went through a lot of beautiful moments, good intentions, frustrations and needing to start over and over again.

At the same time, supported by personal circumstances and through teaching Goddess Inspiration workshops, I opened the door to a world of “feeling” or “experiencing life” that helped me to discover a deeper life than just thinking.

One day, Arne Rantzen, my partner in life, came to me with the realization that questions tap directly into the curiosity or creativity of the universe, and how understanding this, could help us to allow the power of creation to work for us.

We also realized that the more we “feel” or “experience” our questions the easier it is to open the space to receive answers from the universe. We started playing with questions more and more, learning from experience, whether or not if the kind of questions we were asking were expansive.

For example, I become aware of how often I was asking questions like, “Why is this not working?” or “Why can’t I do this?”. I spent many years working with affirmations and thinking, “I can do it!”, but I never felt the gentleness and joy of curiosity involved in asking, “Why can I do this?”, tapping into the unlimited potential of creativity.

Through asking questions consciously, I experienced the fresh and new creativity that opens up when I ask and “feel” the question. When we understood how questions run by themselves, looking for answers, we saw the power of questions, and how important it is for all of us to know about this.

With Creative Questions (a question that has an intended results built in to the question) I discovered that statements, such as affirmations, are facts which don’t open the door to our creative power. Using affirmations created an inner conflict between my reality and what I was trying to manifest, which felt discouraging.

What I know now is that by asking Creative Questions, I allow the creativity of the Universe to respond to me.

Instead of imposing the thought of what I want, I ask for it. For example, the affirmation “I am grateful”, when I am not experiencing gratitude, can be frustrating. But, if I instead ask, “Why am I grateful?” or “Why can I be grateful?”, hmmm, I can immediately feel a response and expansion towards gratitude.

This is why I like to call Creative Questions the next level in our conscious evolution. When I understood that the creative power of thinking is activated through questions, I opened the door to a much more playful and enjoyable path towards tapping into my unlimited potential of creativity.

Have you ever heard, “Ask and it is given?”
or “All of your questions will be answered?”
Through Creative Questions you can see that this is true!

How do you feel when you feel Grateful?
Why can I have all that I want? Hmmm ……. let’s see………
Ask and Your Universe Will Respond!

gratitude-front-shadowNow I have created a year long Online Coaching Program to support you to understand and experience the full power of Creative Questions, so you also can Expand Yourself and Change Your Life!

For your Expansion!
Monica Garaycoechea, MD