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You have probably heard that your thoughts are responsible for your experiences. I have spent many years working with affirmations, focusing on changing the way my mind or my thinking is programmed.

After the exciting discovery of my True Essence I understood how important it was to align my mind with my True Nature. For example, one thing is to ‘Know’ from experience that I am One with everything; that I am One with Love or Beauty. In another, very different way, my mind as become habituated to think Love or Beauty, Freedom or Oneness.

To wake up from a consciousness of powerlessness, failure and scarcity can be a one-second process or realization, but to overcome the addictions or identification our minds have with scarcity and separation is a huge awakening process!

I felt very empowered on the day I discovered Affirmations and thought I could change anything I wanted to! After many years of working with them – writing them in my journals, posting them on my bathroom mirror, desk, kitchen – literally everywhere – I can honestly tell you that my experience ended by giving up on trying to change my habituated thinking, coupled with a feeling of frustration and disappointment that I was not disciplined enough or intelligent enough to do what other people were so successful at doing. What was wrong with me?

As you know there are no accidents in life. In 2001, Arne Rantzen, the founder of Creative Questions and my beloved life partner came to me and told me about his realization of how questions can stimulate our creativity in a way affirmations can’t.

At that point in time I was tired of the ‘mind thing’. I wanted to focus more on: ‘let’s get rid of the mind’ and I wanted to simply wake up spiritually. It took several years of my inability to not ‘get’ what questions are really all about. A crucial change occurred one day while discussing a certain point with Arne.  He was asking for my opinion and feelings about something, and I realized that I needed to listen on a much deeper level. I am so thankful that I did, because that was the beginning of a journey to finally make PEACE WITH MY MIND which culminated in co-creating with him the amazing Creative Question Cards.question-mark-magic-short

I discovered that questions are the expression of our curiosity and that Curiosity is a quality of our True Nature which is always evolving and always creative.

I realized that as children we constantly ask questions! Do you remember that? I remember my son Alejandro and how innocently curious he was, always asking questions about everything! And when one response was offered he did not grasp it, he would continue asking until he was satisfied! He questioned everything to the point where I recall telling him not to ask any more questions. How ignorant I was then! The truth is that perhaps I myself didn’t know the correct response to offer him which no doubt left me feeling stupid or challenged. At that time I didn’t know how to ask the Universe to help me plus I didn’t know how to support him to ‘receive’ his responses from beyond our limiting minds.

linear-thinkingNow let me explain to you what I call ‘linear thinking’. Linear thinking is based on statements and affirmations or declarations. It affirms that which already is, period! There is no aliveness, emotion or embodiment in an affirmation. An affirmation has no creativity. We all know that we need to believe in and then to feel our affirmations in order to create what we are supposedly affirming. It can be so frustrating because to believe in something when your mind is addicted to believing in the opposite is not an easy transformation. After having encountered the aliveness and the beauty of Creative Questions, I can say that linear thinking is like dead thinking with no creativity in it. It is a flat, demanding, forceful energy, especially when it is not yet the truth or the experience you want to have.

organic-thinkingAnd here is the juicy good news… when you ask a Creative Question you activate your Creative Power! You tickle Consciousness and right then and there you open the door to your unlimited potential and unlimited responses! And what is even more delicious is that with Creative Questions you also involve your entire body and this is what I call the ‘Feminine Way of Thinking’. I believe that this is our next evolutionary step in our understanding of how our minds and our Creative Power work. With Creative Questions you will experience and understand how your left (linear thinking) and right (intuition-feeling-connection) sides of your brain are working together.

Let me explain a little more about your brain. Your left hemisphere is what is called the masculine side or masculine way of thinking which is linear and factual. In general this mode of thinking comes from memories or lessons learned in life and manifests in the form of a belief system, which is not fresh or new but learned and contains ‘attachment’. The left brain is rigid, practical and important for our common activities. For instance when brushing your teeth, you have a reason for brushing them in your particular way that makes you feel comfortable.

The right hemisphere of your brain is the side that is associated with your feminine self which is relational, intuitive, fresh and creative. It is connected with your emotions, your body, your Spirit (or the Universe) and it is All Possibilities. The ‘Feminine Way of Thinking’ is flowering now and is harmonizing our both sides, masculine and feminine.

Are you open for more? Let me explain to you, in two parts, how our thinking process works: first the questions themselves and second, the response. Let’s play together. For example if I ask you, “Why are you successful?” you can answer from your masculine, linear form of thinking and look for logical answers which are sometimes needed to truly believe something, or you can wait for your organic thinking or response to arise. Your feminine side shows up when you wait listen and, with an open heart, feel the empty space that opens up just after the Creative Question is asked. That space IS DIVINE INTELLIGENCE! That space is fresh, new and free of attachment, so you can gently receive your response and let it go, to ask again – not so much to get responses but to express your curiosity. Like Alejandro was doing as a child, remember?

intuitionThe more you develop your feminine side, the more comfortable you are in the ‘not yet knowing’ or listening stage and the more your responses will come from the Universe or Divine Intelligence. This is crucial to understand, because if you are committed to your spiritual awakening you want to be in the Silence or All Possibilities of Life. Creative Questions taught me how, without fighting my mind and thoughts, I could relax and get more and more in contact with my True Nature. This is really good news!

Let’s play together some more. When you ask a Creative Question like, “Why Can I Trust?” you can come up with reasons that you learned or already know (masculine) and you can also WAIT and feel (feminine).

If I ask, “Why Can I Trust?” hmmm… let’s see… The first response that came to my awareness after waiting in the silence was, “Because I am connected with Source.” Now if I can feel the response, enjoy it, then let it go. I can then ask the question again and this way I will not stop the Unlimited Potential Source that is and that I have at my disposition. So I ask again, “Why Can I Trust? hmmm… “Because I choose to…” and from here I can keep going on and on, building up the ‘reasons’ my limited mind needs to believe in Trust.

After having opened the door to conceive this ‘idea of trust’ I am ready to go to the ‘Feeling’ Creative Question which will ask, “How Do I Feel When I Trust?” hmmm… Let’s see… Ahhh… open, relaxed, safe… You notice by my response that I am immediately in the frequency of trusting!

What that means is that I am manifesting this frequency of trust right here and right now, something that I don’t do with affirmations. And I receive not only immediate manifestation but also immediate Connection with Source!

women-ponderingI like to say that Creative Questions are the Thought Prayers of our days. It is truly a way of thinking that connects you with your Presence and Oneness, promotes freedom and allows you to experience Love and Beauty right here and now.

You probably are a little surprised with this new language so I am going to explain what a Creative Question is and how it works. A Creative Question is an empowering question that directs your Creative Power towards what you are asking for. A Creative Question is a conscious question. What that means is that unconsciously and through habit you often ask questions that do not support your success like, “What is wrong with me?” Remember the question I asked when I could not succeed with affirmations? Can you see how I was unconsciously directing my Creative Power towards more ‘wrong’ and towards limitations?

To my understanding we all come from being unconscious of who we truly are, meaning that we are very addicted to a limiting conditioned consciousness. If you want to change and support your evolution and your success, you need to make another choice! The beauty of Creative Questions is that they are the bridge to the UNLIMITED POTENTIAL of FREE CONSCIOUSNESS.

For example, in using the Creative Question “Why am I successful?” can only give you the responses that support you being successful, something that is in total alignment with the Truth of your Being. (To think otherwise would make one think that God is a failure.)

Creative Questions will open the bridge for you to make peace with your mind, to master your Creative Power and to feel confident in your capacity to re-educate your mind away from fearful, scarcity-driven, powerless separation programming towards your True, free, loving, abundant, safe, powerful, successful, Real Eternal Program.

evolveAre you ready to explore and use Creative Questions in your life? Then the first thing you can do is to get familiar with this new Creative Questions language. It is new to all of us and is what I call the next step in our conscious evolution on how to use our minds and at this point in time in connection with the Universe. Evolving from linear thinking to organic thinking is like the change necessary to evolve from crawling and only seeing what is in front of you to walking upright with your head held high, able to see for miles and miles.

To get familiar with this new language in a playful way we have created the beautiful Creative Questions Cards deck which contains the 52 most powerful thought-questions that you can ask yourself to become fulfilled and in alignment with the Source. You see, with Creative Questions you do not only educate your mind to think success, you also open yourself up to the realm of Divine Intelligence by expanding your capacity to be open and listen and receive from a place of trust and peace.

Creative Question Cards layoutCreative Questions allow you to love your mind and to wake up spiritually. I love using them.

Based on our Creative Questions we also have developed online programs to help you to reprogram your mind in an easy and practical way. For example with ‘Nurture Yourself With Creative Questions’, you can sit back and relax in the comfort of your home and listen simply for 5 minutes a day as I help to gently and lovingly reprogram your mind with powerful Thought-Questions.

Doctor Monica