making-a-differenceWhen you start your new day, what options do you have of spending that day? Is it possible that this day can be important or will it be wasted in the big scheme of things. “Does anything really matter?”

Is there such a thing as a long term importance of what we do with our lives?

I believe that you who read this have put a spiritual value to life beyond the temporary preoccupations.

How does it feel in the evening for you, after a day’s work, when you contemplate the impact of your day? Do you feel that you were an inspiration for a long term value for yourself and for others? “Did you matter?”

What Matters?
Being aware.

* Choosing to be conscious of your life and what you do with it.
* Noticing and improving your impact on the world around you.

What happens if you are not choosing to believe that your day matters?

Even if you are right about your influence on your future and that it doesn’t matter what you do you still have an affect about how you feel about yourself now.

How is it beneficial to focus on what matters?
For sure, you will feel valuable now.

* You may be creating “A Better Life”, “A Better World” and “Better Transitions”.

So, now you are choosing a day that will have value to you. How do you know it is valuable?
* You feel empowered and good.
* You really believe in what you are doing.
* You really believe in the system and coworkers that you are working with to create value.

When you are moving to higher levels of success, you may stumble and want to retreat. This is most easily done by the unconscious resistance to change. It appears as “It doesn’t really matter” if they attend this workshop or not. Stepping back and asking yourself again, as we do in the mornings about our day, we can ask again: “Does it matter?”

Why Do You Matter?