Based on our Creative Questions we also have developed two 1-Year Online Coaching Program to help you to re-program your mind in an easy and practical way.

For example with ‘Nurture Yourself With Creative Questions’, you can sit back and relax in the comfort of your home and simply listen for 5 minutes a day, as Monica helps to gently and lovingly re-program your mind with powerful Thought-Questions.

We also have the ‘Expand Yourself Now’ program to help you to re-program your mind in a much deeper level.

Not only can your mind be in alignment with your True Nature, but you will also be able to use each Creative Question to shake and liberate the subconscious material that sometimes sabotages your intention of reprogramming your mind.

The beauty of this Advanced Program is that you also have the powerful ‘Recovering Aliveness’ that strengthens your Spiritual Power and liberates your life from conditioned, wounded, limiting consciousness and free you from old memories, habits and limitations.

The ‘Expand Yourself Now’ requires a strong passion and commitment for the Truth and the willingness to use your daily life as your spiritual path.

If you are new to this ‘Feminine Way of Thinking’, a good beginning would be to get your own Creative Question Cards deck and play with it. You will immediately experience the opening and freshness of your natural curiosity as it becomes free and alive again.

The way I personally use these cards is by picking one Creative Questions card each morning at breakfast. Why then? Because I want to consciously nurture myself mentally as well as physically as I start off my day. You can also pick a card whenever you have an issue or decision to make in your life.

These Creative Questions cards have the tendency to give you the guidance that you need in the moment. Read and consider the Creative Question card that you have picked for three to five minutes in a meditative way.

Next, in the guidebook that comes with the Cards, read and meditate on the insightful and significant information that is available about your card.

I honor and celebrate your evolving aliveness…

Doctor Monica