I am glad you are taking
Your Questioning Mind seriously,
because it really is
the underlying system that runs your life.

First we will define the structure of a Creative Question and then learn how you can start to use it for yourself.

logo-golden-creative-question-white-background-180yWhat is a Creative Question?
A Creative Question is a question that has the answer you want, already built into the question.

For example: Let’s say it is a rainy day. If you asked somebody “Why is the weather so bad?” then they will answer, “It is because it is raining”. If you asked instead “Why is the weather so good?” then they will answer “It is because the rain is so refreshing”.

A Creative Question can only be answered in one pre-defined way. Unlike, for example an open ended question, where the answer can go either way, like “What is the weather like?”

Here is a more personal example. Let’s say you don’t have as much money as you want. If I asked you “Why are you broke?” you will answer “Because I am a bad money manager.” This answer will make you lose faith and not help solve your problem. If I instead asked you “Why do you have some money?”, you will answer “It must be because I have managed some of my money.” This answer will give you hope and inspiration to improve your money managing skills. An open ended question would be “How is your money situation?”

As you see, every situation can be viewed in many ways (disappointing or inspirational), all depending on how you question it.

When should you use Creative Questions?

  • When you learn the Creative Question’s language you will use it pretty much all the time.
  • When you have an issue that you want to resolve you can use a Creative Question. This will replace the question that has been causing the issue, and instead create the evidence that you want to find.
  • When you have a new goal, it is a good time to use a Creative Question. This will erase any old opposing question, as well as speed up your process to reach your new goal.

How Do You Chose Your Creative Question?
When you want to change something in your life, identify the question that is creating your current result. For example, let’s say that you feel unhappy, this means you are wondering, ”Why am I unhappy?” or “Why can’t I be happy?”. Then choose the question that facilitates the opposite result, such as, “Why am I happy?” or “Why can I be happy?”. Choose the question that real ly hits home for you, and focus on that one.


For example, the question “How can I clean up my past?” seems all right, but looking closer you notice that it actually makes you have to find things to clean up, which finds more and more things to clean up. The correct Creative Question should be “How am I free from my past?”I offer you this technique to use with minor issues and goals. I recommend that you get support from a Creative Questions practitioner, when it comes to more important issues. The reason for this is that constructing a Creative Question can be quite intricate. I have seen well-intended questions, that wasn’t properly constructed, that actually turned out to have negative effects.

We have spent a lot of time fine tuning the Creative Question System. If you decide to make up questions yourself I suggest that you check with us to see if this really is a Creative Question before you put too much emphasis on them.

How to avoid common pitfalls

  • Releasing addictions to old limiting questions
    When you have stubborn negative beliefs and resistance to a new concept, it can be difficult to accept the new Creative Question.
    When you are faced with a new question your first tendency will be to avoid answering it. You will say such things as “That is not true.” or “I have proof of the opposite.”In this case, you need to discipline yourself to focus on asking your new “Supportive Question” for a little while. This will re-train your mind to a new questioning habit.

For example, if you are asking the question “Why am I healthy?”, you may answer, “But, that is not true.” and “I’m sick.” This kind of response is not the answer to your new “High Frequency Question”, but an addiction to the old opposing question. If you persevere in asking your new Creative Question, your responses will gradually change to “Well, maybe.” and then “Yes, I have a healthy mind.” etc.

If you cannot believe your new Creative Question because the evidence from old opposing questions is too strong, you can soften your new Creative Question to be about the future. Using the words ”would” or “could” will open up the possibility to imagine what you want to create, which prepares your thinking to accept your new reality.

For example, let’s say you want to become a millionaire and you begin asking “Why do I have one million dollars cash?” If you can’t imagine having that much money, you can ask instead, “Why would I have one million dollars cash?” or “Why could I have one million dollars cash?” until, little by little you open up the space to be able to consider your new Creative Question.

  • Statements vs. Questioning
    Statements, such as affirmations, are facts that won’t open the door to your creative power.Statements are dead facts, because they have already stated “its truth” and so they are not open to new possibilities.Your creativity stops right there.On the other hand, when you ask a Creative Question, you tap into the flow of creativity – finding answers and creating more of what you are asking for. For example, what feels more alive to you, “I am happy” or “Why am I happy?
  • The importance of focusing on the question – not the answerWhen you ask a question you get answers. The tendency is to hold on to a particular answer and make that your reality, instead of asking the question again.The problem with this is that holding on to answers stops the continuity of the creative process.It is important to keep the Creative Questions process going, so you can get further stimulation towards your goal.The best way to make sure you are continuing your Creative Questions process is to insert the magic wordWhy ELSE…” into your question.For example, if you want to be a good communicator your Creative Question is “Why am I a good communicator? Then, when you start to grasp answers, insert “Why ELSE…” like “Why ELSE am I a good communicator?

There are also other advanced techniques to overcome objections to your new questions. These are explained elsewhere in the Creative Questions System.



On the cutting edge of Personal Improvement
Many of us are discovering how important it is to become aware of the quality of our thoughts. There are so many teachings supporting us to chose Good Thinking from “A Course In Miracles” to “The Secret”, Peak Potentials, Abraham-Hicks, Louise Hay, Oprah, Dr. Wayne Dyer, Deepak Chopra, Anthony Robbins, and many more, as well as Eckhart Tolle’s teachings of how to listen to the silence of the Universe itself.

They all say that the more we can FEEL our thoughts the faster they manifest.

Great! When you use the Creative Questions System, you Automatically FEEL your High Frequency Thoughts.

Creative Questions give you the easiest, quickest and most direct way to FEEL your thought. With the following example you can see it for yourself. It is a little hard to connect with feeling rich by saying “I am rich.” But, can you notice how much easy it gets to feel rich when you ask “How do I feel when I am rich?”


Now, that you realize
the Power of Creative Questions
I recommend that you explore the different options we have for you to start to take advantage of
this empowering system to
create the life that you really want!

The Creative Question Cards system is the best way to embark on your quest for your desired life style. To help you we have created the Creative Question Cards Transformational Game.

The 52 Creative Questions Cards are printed in the happy colors, blue and yellow. The front side features one main question and four supportive questions that amplifies that theme. On the backside of each card you have ‘Wisdom Words’ that helps you realize the truth about each Creative Question.

Creative Question CardsThe Creative Question Cards offer you our new discoveries through 52 Creative Questions that you activate through the 3 Steps Formula.

1. On the front of each card you have the ‘Mental Question‘ that helps you to open the door of your logical mind to find reasons why the quality of this Creative Question is true.

2. On the front you also have the ‘Transitional Question‘ that urges you to accept that you are changing from what used to be your reality to now embody your new quality.

3. On the backside of the card you have the ‘Feeling Question‘ that quickly finalizes the integration of your new quality. Once you feel the Creative Question you connect with your success and start to manifest it around you as your actual life.

The 84-page Creative Questions Guidebook makes sure you get the most out of the Creative Question Cards system and takes you step by step through each vital topic.

  • First, it instructs you on why Creative Questions works and why they will bring you fast and easy results.
  • Then, it clearly guides you how to use the Creative Question Cards system.
  • Finally, there is comprehensive description of the deep meaning of each Creative Question, for you to receive the maximum effect and transformation to living the life-style you do want to live.

The Creative Question Cards system has a classy and elegant feel to it, with embossed silver print on black background, making it a joy to invite your friends to play with.

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For you who travel with your laptop and like to have your Creative Question Cards on your phone, you will love the Creative Questions App.

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