Creative Questions –
the Easiest and Most Direct Way
to Re-Program Your Mind to Become
a Vibrational Match to What You Really want?


The PURPOSE of this Free Starter Kit is
– to show you how you can use
High Frequency Questions
– to Change Your Thinking Habits
– to Vibrate with Higher Frequency
so – You Can Achieve What You Want!

What will you get out of this Creative Questions Starter Kit?
You’ll learn how to play and have fun with the Creative Question Cards System.

  • First, you will build up an understanding of what the Creative Questions System is
    and find out why it is so powerful.
  • You’ll learn why ASKING QUESTIONS is the KEY TO CHANGE and making statements is the key to stagnation.
  • You’ll recognize the various ways you tend to ask questions and what effect those questions have on your life.
  • You’ll know how to let go of limiting thoughts-questions.
  • Then, you will learn how to build a Creative Question.
  • Finally, you’ll get some tips and short cuts of how to use Creative Questions most effectively. This will save you a lot of time and effort and give you a boost to manifest your results.

Who am I?
The best way I can inspire you to use the Creative Questions System, for your own transformation, is to tell you a little bit about my background and how I discovered the Creative Questions system.

ArneI am Arne Rantzen, originally from Sweden. I started my life-long Healing Journey in 1975 with devoting 5 years to being a Tibetan Buddhist monk. Under the guidance of Khenpo Tsultrim Gyamtso Rinpoche I practiced meditation and helped translate Tibetan manuscripts, teachings and spiritual practices into English. My appreciation for the Tibetan way of life is my foundation and the underlying theme of all my work.

My interest in the western approach to Personal Improvement started in 1982 with learning the hands-on healing techniques: Reflexology, Craniosacral Therapy, Rolfing, Aston Patterning, Reiki and Body Harmony from its founder Dr. Don McFarland, succeeding as an international Body Harmony teacher. I also studied the metaphysical approach – A Course In Miracles, the Rebirthing breathing technique, the International Seminar Leadership Program (ISLP) directed by Bob Mandel, and the Loving Relationships Training (LRT) under the supervision of Sondra Ray, culminating as a Rebirther Trainer and LRT trainer.

In 1995, I felt ready to combine my experience of the Tibetan approach with my knowledge of the western healing techniques by designing two healing modalities – Unlimited Body and Unlimited Breath.

In 2000 I birthed this Creative Questions System. I believe that being the founder of the Creative Questions System and the co-creator with Doctor Monica, of the popular Creative Question Cards, is my greatest contribution to the human family.

Now, after well over 30 years, as a Personal Improvement Practitioner and International Trainer, I have coached thousands of people, nationally and internationally and I am especially excited about the changes that I have seen through the use of Creative Questions.


Here is how I discovered the Creative Questions System.
After working with uprooting negative thoughts and destructive attitudes and replacing them with positive thoughts – affirmations for 18 years, I noticed that, as long as we kept focusing on thinking positively life was better, but when we stopped repeating our daily Affirmations we fell back to our previous circumstances. Do you recognize this too?

Wanting to get permanent results led me to search for a way to improve the Affirmation process!

bright-ideaThen, in 2000, I got it. It was one of those days when I was again, feeling like a failure. I was reciting my Affirmation, “I am now successful!” This time I noticed my mind wander and think “How can I be successful?” I noticed feeling unusually perked up and my mind filled with reasons for “why I can be successful”.

Being curious of how my feeling had changed so quickly, I realized that I had switched from struggling with forcing myself to think good thoughts, to naturally and effortlessly be engaged in a new positive thinking pattern.

I understood that I had changed from battling “failure thoughts”
to asking A GOOD QUESTION.

How I developed the Creative Questions System
Since then, I have, with Doctor Monica, Co-creator of the Creative Question System, been exploring, refining and testing the facts of the questioning process.

Now, we have been able to define the Specific Type of Questions that Activate Your Success Consciousness.

Realizing the Power of Creative Questions we set out to show how people like you, can use High Frequency Creative Questions, to create what you really want.


You too, will be thrilled when you realize how questions rule your mind,
and how, when you know how to Master Good Questioning Habits,
you’ll be in control
of what thoughts you think and their results.


Use this Creative Question to activate your Gratitude.

Please, don’t just read it. To get an experience you actually have to consider the question.

Why am I Grateful?”…hmm…let’s see… Contemplate it. Savor it. Ask yourself again and again.

The sensation that you get is the creativity of the universe responding to your question.

Questions Run Your Life

If you take some time to investigate, you will find that your mind wants to be busy and is always looking for something to think about; That it has its own momentum; That it doesn’t require any effort on your part to be active. You will also find that your mind is mostly busy with solving problems and that this problem solving is really just finding answers and proofs to your questions.

The 2 most common types of problem questions that we ask ourselves are wondering “How can I fix something?” and “How can I improve something?”. These questions are what keeps us busy fixing and improving our lives.

When you look closer you find that this “fixing” or problem solving mechanism is a search for answers to questions. Asking my supportive question “How can I be successful?” moved my mind to solve my problem and find the answers that proved that “I am a success”.

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The Creative Questions System takes a different approach
Creative Questions are Specific Questions that are chosen to bring about
specific pre-determined results.

When you change from asking unfavorable questions to asking supportive questions you re-program your mind, because your mind cannot answer two opposing questions at the same time.

The Creative Questions system finds and uses FAVORABLE QUESTIONS, that support your mind to look for the SPECIFIC ANSWERS, that will create the results that you want.

The Creative Question System is the “New Thinking” at the cutting edge of metaphysical science, that I have not seen addressed anywhere else.

This 4-minute Introductory Video
with the Founder and
Co-Creator of Creative Questions
Arne Rantzen.

There is a Continuous Thinking Force
Your mind is always busy thinking, whether you like it or not. It is almost impossible to turn off your thinking. Your mind has its own energy and doesn’t require any effort from you to be thinking.

Once your mind has an answer, it sticks to it, and thinks the same thoughts over and over – unless or until you introduce a new question on the subject.

The good news is that with Creative Questions, you can not only consciously change your thinking patterns, you can also relax your mind enough to reach the “open space” where you can tap into the new and fresh creativity of the moment and find new answers, not previously considered.

Creative Questions Boost Your Power to Create

With Creative Questions you take your “continuous thinking force” and send it in the direction that you want your mind to be busy.

Through Creative Questioning, you actively enter the flow and process of creation, because Creative Questions will search for and find the answers and evidence that support your questions. Just the way a search engine works on the internet, you type in your request, sit back and wait for a moment, and observe how many pages of answers appear without any effort on your part.

Through asking “Supportive Questions”, you activate your mind to work for you. When you think the questions that you want to be thinking, you attract the answers that you want to have.

For example: the Favorable Question “Why am I a success?” inspires your mind to find evidence like, “I am a wonderful person.” and “I am brilliant.”

scroll-struggleYour questions affect your daily life!
Imagine that you are going to an important appointment. You notice that you are running late and didn’t have time to prepare enough. Then your mind wants to help and starts to wonder: “Why is my life such a struggle?”

What do you think happens when you ask a dis-empowering question like that?
Oh yeah, your mind gives you answers like: “Because, it is too hard.“, “Because, I am a loser.”, “Because, I can’t make it.”, “Because I am unlucky.”

scroll-easyIf you want to have a different experience, then you need to ask yourself a Supportive Question.

What if you asked instead, “Why is my life so easy?”

Let’s see what kind of answers this Empowering Question gives you: “Because, I trust life.”,
“Because, I am confident.”, “Because, I’m a winner.”, “Because I’m relaxed.”

Can you see that your experience getting to your appointment will be different if you ask “Why is my life a struggle?” compared to “Why is my life so easy?” Can you feel the difference?

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If you are eager to get started with your Creative Questions Right Now…

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The Creative Question Cards Deck gives you the kinestetic experience and thus is the most fun and attractive way to play with your family and friends.

The Creative Questions APP is the most effective way to re-program your mind because:

  • You will easily carry your Creative Question with you.
  • You will see your Creative Questions on your phone.
  • The APP will REMIND you every 4 hours of the last Creative Question you picked.
  • This makes it easy for you to become the Vibrational Match, that you need to achieve your desires.