why-do-i-focus-on-successDo you know that how clear you are about your intention, or lack thereof, is directly proportionate to how motivated, excited and satisfied you feel or how apathetic, lazy and bored you are?

You probably know that you can access your success by intentionally choosing to focus on what you want.

The hard part is to actually consistently keep your intention focused. “I know I should focus on what I want but it is so difficult to actually to do it.” Do you relate?

What about if there was a practical and easy way to trick your mind to keep its focus? Would you be interested? Let me tell you how Creative Questions can focus your mind.

When you ask yourself a question your mind has no choice but to look for answers to that question. Without any effort on your part your mind will focus and find answers to your question.

Since your Creative Question is a “specific question” it will guide your mind to try to prove that your question is true. This is like the example of being in the market for a new car. You speculate “Why should I get this brand?” and suddenly you see this car everywhere. Right?

Some of the questions we ask ourselves are not good, but they have no choice but to create what we don’t want, like “Why am I not happy?” or “Why am I never good enough?”

Your job is to feed your mind the kind of questions that will bring the results that you actually do want and then sit back and watch your results manifest.

Creative Questions is a great system that can help your mind to focus on the kind of questions that will expand you.

The following Creative Questions are good questions. They will help you clarify your intention. The only thing you need to do is to actually consider these Creative Questions for about 1 minute.

I am sure that when you contemplate these Creative Questions you will instantly feel your Will-Power. Are you willing to give yourself 1 minute to wake up your motivation?

What is my intention?

What kind of success do I want?

Watch your experience change and your mind fill with inspiration, visions and excitement.

So, now you realize that you can use Creative Questions to focus your intention to succeed in many areas of your life.

Sometimes it can be difficult to make the switch and difficult to accept that new High Frequency Creative Question.

If your mind tells you to stay away from that question, with reasons and enough evidence to the contrary, you can use this Transitional Creative Question from the Creative Question Cards Guidebook:

How have I changed from being ambiguous to having a clear intention?