peaceWe are very grateful for all the testimonials coming in from around the world.

Here is a Creative Question experience from Kenya that I hope will inspire you in its simplicity while also being effective.

“It was good meeting and thank you for your Creative Questions. It is so interesting and quite amazing changing feelings just by use of positive asking. There was a moment I was waiting for a client at the bus stop. It started to rain. The phone was not getting through and I didn’t know the area very well. The anxiety was too much. When i realized that i was very much uneasy, I just kept on asking myself “Why am I¬†relaxed?” and I could feel myself relaxing. Thank you. We use your cards in our office. much love Daniel¬†“

Here is a powerful Creative Question that can relax you even when you are agitated:

How do I choose to feel peaceful?

“How have I changed from being scared to accepting my present experience?”