rightSometimes I find myself really stuck, and want to be right, even though I know that if I could only change my attitude I would feel a lot better.

Having used the Creative Question System a lot, I know that:

My ideas, points of view and beliefs originate from questions.

My mind can’t discern between good and bad questions.

My mind will answer all questions.

So, when I feel stuck, I look for what question I am asking myself, to be able to get this response, and often find “Why am I wrong?”

Having captured what kind of dis-empowering question I am asking myself I can easily switch to its opposite Creative Question:

“Why am I naturally right?”

If you find it difficult to accept your new High Frequency Creative Question and your mind tell you to stay away from that question, because you have enough evidence to the contrary, you can use this transitional question:

How have I changed from thinking I’m wrong to knowing that I am right?