The Creative Question Cards system is the first Self-Improvement system that uses “Question Cards” to inspire you to think good thoughts, enjoy pleasant feelings and sparkle with a contagious positive attitude.

Until the discovery of Creative Questions, people have used, many kinds of inspirational cards, such as Flash cards, Affirmation cards, Goddess cards, Oracle cards, Angel cards, Answer cards, etc. to find answers, open up and become positive, but the limited long-term effect of positive statements and the effort required by the user, motivated me to research and develop the Creative Question Cards system, which is a quicker, easier and more fun way to impact those who are looking for Personal Improvement.

There are 52 Creative Question cards , which supports you to be successful in the 52 most important aspects of your life.

Why am I an Inspiration?


Each card has 3 inspiring Creative Questions printed on them.

Perfecting the 3 Step Formula is what brings about the total transformation of each topic.


  • The main “why” Creative Question takes you away from the habitual limiting thinking that prevents your progress and builds a new foundation for your expansive thinking.
  • The second “transitional question” gives you courage through becoming aware of how you are in a transition from where you are to where you want to go.
  • And the third “feeling question”, which is by itself on the backside of the card, finalizes the integration of your new accomplishments. Once you feel the question you start to see it around you as your actual life.

How do I feel when I am an inspiration?

The Creative Question Cards system has a classy and elegant feel to it, with embossed silver print on black background, making it a joy to invite your friends to play with.

The beautiful and practical casing has separate compartments for you to keep the cards, the cardholder stand and the guidebook neat and organized.

The 80-page Creative Questions Guidebook makes sure you get the most out of the Creative Question Cards system and takes you step by step through each vital topic to plugging the holes in your life.

  • First, it instructs you on why the Creative Questions works and why it will bring you fast and easy results.
  • Then, it guides you how to use the Creative Questions system, with a clear explanation.
  • Finally, there is comprehensive description of the deep meaning of each card, for you to receive the maximum effect and transformation to living the life-style you do want to live.

For your travel needs the cards are carried in a transparent black Organza bag, so you can easily see and be reminded of your support card for the day, without having to bring out all the cards.

Putting your daily card in the card stand, on your desk or your coffee table, displaying it where you can see it during the day, keeps your mind chatter from sending you on a soap opera of negativity during the day and instead your mind becomes your servant bringing you the satisfying life-style that is rightfully yours.

Creative Question Cards

The Creative Question consists of:
an attractive casing,
52 Creative Question cards,
a Guidebook,
a carrying bag and
a card stand.

The Creative Question Cards system can be played at 7 different levels, which are explained in detail in the Guidebook. As you get more advanced and use higher levels of the cards you challenge deeper levels of yourself to accept your Success Consciousness.

  • The Creative Question Inspiration Game
    The 1st and basic level game you can play by yourself or with other people.
    You use this when you are not focused on a particular goal or issue, but you want to be inspired to what is next. You will be surprised how the cards always bring you the inspiration that will serve you the best that day to live up to your potential and share your brilliance with those around you.
  • The Creative Question Success Game
    The 2nd game you use when you want your mind to support you to manifest something particular.
  • The Creative Question Troubleshooting Game
    The 3rd game you use when you want your mind to support you to change something specific.
  • The Creative Question Sharing Game
    The 4th game you use when you want to play with others and share your realization.
  • The Creative Question Recovering Aliveness Game
    The 5th game starts the advanced level. You use this when you want to increase your success tolerance, through learning to accept, and feel grateful for, the experiences that you are uncomfortable with and resist.
  • The Creative Question Feedback Game
    The 6th game you use when you want others to help you interpreting your situation.
  • The Creative Question Creative Feeling Game
    At the 7th and most advanced game level you want others to guide you and confirm that you are on track with your self-discovery.

Good times to use the Creative Questions Cards system and pick a card is when you want to get pulled out of hopelessness, pessimism, depression and failure or when you want to boost your optimism, success and passion for life.

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Creative Question Cards