creative-question-cards-layout-best-qualityThe Creative Question Cards include the 52 essential Good, High Frequency Questions that bring awareness and inspiration to the 52 most powerful aspects of your life.
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Mobile APP

The Creative Questions APP
For convenience, now you can pick your Creative Questions on your Smartphone/iPhone/Tablet/iPad. This APP will Remind you, periodically, to stay focused throughout the day, on your new mind-set.

You Can Go to your App Store and search for “Creative Questions”
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RecordingThe Creative Questions MP3
Download the Creative Question Cards in a recorded MP3 format.
Shower yourself with the Creative Questions read to you with background music.

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Manual‘Don’t Mess Up with Questions…
They Can Enrich or Ruin Your Life!’

This 38-page E-book gets you clear on the 10 most common types of questions and their effects. You better know which ones are the cause of the problems we have – like, “Why do we have so many problems?” or “Why does this always happen to me?”. Some are open ended questions – like, “Is the weather bad?” or “Do you have a lot of taxes this year?”. If you know how to formulate a Creative Question you have a great advantage, instead of falling in to the trap of the other types of questions.

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 the-power-of-creative-questions-manual-frontThe Power of Creative Questions Manual
This 37-page Creative Questions Manual is a compilation of all the Creative Questions facts and techniques combined with many exercises for you to practice and incorporate the Creative Questions system in to your life. This is also the Workbook that is used for “the Power of Creative Questions Workshop”.

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NurturingCreative Questions Guided Meditations

These 52 Creative Questions are designed to support you, through 52 Guided Meditations, to bathe in the success of the 52 most important aspects of your life. Learn more…

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ExpandCreative Questions Online Coaching
The Creative Questions Advanced Online Coaching is a one-year long program, designed for you to expand your success in the 52 most important aspects of your life… Learn more…

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