luxuryI just received this inspiring note from Veronique, Madrid, Spain. I think she has a good example about the practicality of Creative Questions.

“Sometimes we think Creative Questions are only for the BIG stuff. But I have started playing with them with small details in my life.

The other day we were at the airport and the luggage delivery seemed to be very delayed. We were around a 100 people waiting and next to us there was another bigger group, also waiting.

After 20 min. which is a very unusual wait, I started to see people nervous and realized I had the question in my mind, “Why is the luggage not coming?” I said to myself, “That is not a good question.”

Then I changed the question, to a Creative Question and started to play with, “Why is my luggage coming?” Delighted, I got an answer right away which was “The people like doing their job and get the service done.”

No more than 2 minutes later, the doors opened and the first luggage came. 5 minutes later we were out the airport. (By the way, I didn’t see the other group receive their luggage).”

I like that playing with Creative Questions, even about small things, can help us to get in the habit of watching our thinking.

When we ask a Creative Question we have no resistance and so can experience almost instant manifestation.

Thank you Veronique for reminding and inspiring all of us.

Look for that “little thing” today, and practice a Creative Question.