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creative-question-cards-layout-best-quality…just as Creative Questions have helped thousands of people like you, again and again…

…The Creative Question System will show you how
YOU too can Master
Your Creative Power!

Activate the Law of Attraction!
Become a Vibrational Match with
Your Natural Health, Wealth & Happiness!

No matter what kind of results you’ve been getting (or not getting) up to now… and no matter how hard it may seem for you to re-program your mind…

…the Creative Question System is the technology that pulls the best out of you, so you can easily raise your vibration and quickly manifest your heart’s desires.

By picking your daily Creative Question Card you’ll radically increase your power to create what you really want.

(Many of our users have demonstrated remarkable changes. This is because the Creative Questions System have helped them transform years of mis-thinking into a success attitude.)

Arne - The Questions Guy and Doctor Monica

Here I am with Doctor Monica, Co-Creator of the Creative Question Cards, picking our morning Creative Question Card. We do this to start our day with a clear direction of what will be the most supportive focus for us to have.

As Doctor Monica says, “I believe that nurturing my mind is as important as nurturing my body, so I always start my breakfast with picking my Creative Question Card. They always bring out the best in me.

Since 2000, the Creative Questions System has proven its value with thousands of friends, clients and students in over 25 walks of life and more than 10 countries:

– Life Coaches – Energy Healers
– Spiritual Coaches – Children
– Holistic Practitioners – Corporate Coaches and Trainers
– Internet Marketers – Conscious Business Owners
– Therapists – Stay-at-Home Moms
– Yoga Teachers – Writers
– Light-Workers – Fitness Gurus
– Motivational Speakers – Unity Church Members
– Health Coaches – Conscious Parents
– Teachers – And DOCTORS

Doctor Baldo

What do you prefer: Struggle or Ease?
Affirmations struggle with your mind to accept your desires

while 1 Creative Question makes your mind easily and naturally discover many Affirming responses!

Mastering your creative mind can be simple, fun and easy… …once you have a tool like the Creative Question System to inspire you and show you the fastest path to your success.

But, if you are like most people, as much as you may know that your thoughts have a great impact on the results that you get in your life, you still have a hard time getting your mind to think the kind of thoughts that you need to be thinking, to be a vibrational match to be able to create your ideal life-style.

Immediate Recovery of Safety

How Does Your Mind Work?

Are you unconscious?
Mind in cloudsYou are immersed in a cloud of thoughts, completely unconscious and believing that you have no capacity to choose what thoughts you think… You cannot see beyond your own cloudy mind… Life is foggy and you have succumbed to a mediocre life…

Are you a worrier?Sun attacked by clouds
You are curious about the bad news, worry about or are threatened by having negative thoughts… Your energy is busy with protecting yourself and fighting your negative thinking… Your life is a struggle and failure is your reality…

Are you optimistic?
mind-like-fireworksYour mind is like a party alight with fireworks… all kind of good ideas keep popping up, one after another… You are very optimistic but unclear of what your real purpose is or what you want to achieve… Your success seems to always be one step ahead but you never catch up to it…


Are you a meditator?
Your mind is still… If thoughts appear you witness them and you feel at peace… You are ‘untouched’… You are ‘outside the world’ and your life has nothing to do with you… You are pure spirit and all is well… Delicious! But what happens when you come back to your life, to your intimate relationship or to your work? Is it OK for you to think, or would you like to be rid of your thoughts?
Are your thoughts in alignment with your truth?

Good news bad newsBad news…you gravitate towards bad news in the media, have long discussions about ill-health and are attracted to hearing about negative occurrences.  It has become a habit and the more ‘bad thoughts’ you want to get rid of from your mind, the worse it gets.

Good news… Your mind, like your body, is a divine expression of Love, Peace, Joy, Power, Abundance and Success. ONLY when you choose to think thoughts that are in alignment with the Truth of your Being will you connect with your Success Consciousness and be satisfied!

How Can Creative Questions Help You?

Let me explain to you…
It is true that you naturally ask a lot of questions. You might not be aware of all the questions you ask yourself, but your mind is curious by nature. Look at a child and observe the innocence of curiosity.

Why is it so difficult?

How can I get help?

Mom, why do I have to be quiet?

Kid asking questions

How can I win?

Why don’t they help me?

Dad, why can’t I go out and play?

When you take a look at your thoughts you will notice that anything NEW in your mind is always in a question format.

What you also need to know is that your mind answers ALL questions.

Sometimes you ask empowering questions and get good results. And sometimes you ask limiting questions and are not happy with your results. It is really important that you take control of what kind of questions you ask yourself if you want to move away from a repetitious, unpleasant life to step into a predictable success.

This is how your mental activity feels like
when you use Creative Questions…

Sun over rides cloudsYour mind starts to focus and surrenders to the real Source of your creative power… Limiting thought-questions are no longer the center of your attention… You feel empowered, confident and ready to succeed.

Old man meditatingYour creative power is in total alignment with its Source… You know who you are and enjoy your creations… Success is a given… You feel joy, love and gratitude for the amazing mind that you have as a friend and loyal servant of your deepest truth and desires… I tell you, it feels really good!

Golden Question GuyAre you the master of your Creative Power?
Your mind is addicted to thinking about peace and success with a lot of ‘space’ between your thought-questions… You are now in ALIGNMENT with your success consciousness! You feel confident and passionate about your life and all that you can create with this amazing mind that you have… You know EXACTLY how to ask for what you want and more than that, you know how to RELAX and ALLOW IT! Your relationships, work, health and life are a ‘GOLDEN DELIGHT!’

Patrick Weseman

Where is Your Focus?
The longer you’re at the service of your conditioned mind the more ‘success’ you’re losing. It’s like a ticking clock taking chunks of creativity you COULD have used for your expansion. Are you using your full potential right now, or are you stuck and deflating your creative power every day?

If you’re bogged down in a cobweb of confusion or negative thought-questions, then your Creative Source, cannot attend to your desires and you haven’t made your potential success a reality.

That is Success YOU could be experiencing NOW!
That’s why it’s so important that you start to access your creative power NOW! To access your creative power and have more success you need to leverage your mind!

With your Creative Question Cards, you’ll get your basic “schooling” to become a master of your questioning mind. You’ll also learn how to use the high frequency questions that will bring you your success in to your life!

The lucky people – and the smart and successful ones – have already figured out that nothing good will ever happen without your conscious affirming input.

…Until You Learn How To Ask High Frequency Questions…

Pleasure at Work

Here, Doctor Monica shows you how to play
one of the 7 Creative Question Cards games.


Doctor Monica Shuffles the CardsDoctor Monica Picks a CardDoctor Monica Contemplates the CardDoctor Monica enjoys her new experience

  1. First, you shuffle the cards while you relax and open up to the guidance to pick the most supportive Creative Question for your moment.
  2. Secondly, you pick a card.
  3. Thirdly, you contemplate the Creative Questions on the card. (Read the profound meaning of your Creative Question in the Guidebook.)
  4. Finally, you enjoy your new experience of having this high frequency feeling inside you.

(If you know about Affirmations, the Secret and the Law of Attraction you know that the actual cause of your change comes from FEELING – Vibrating – our new result. Well, here it is, the process that naturally, easily and quickly brings you ‘right to the feeling-vibration’.)

Is Educating Your Mind a Painful Struggle for You?

It’s Not Your Fault… and There’s A Better Way…

Many thought-questions have a tendency to only show you ‘the limited you’. Creative Questions are here to change that.

Changing your mind and creating what you truly want can be like walking through a minefield, because a Creative Question needs to be properly formulated to not backfire, causing you to feel frustrated, overwhelmed and like a failure…

You don’t have to let this be your fate!

…as you’re reading this, picture the life you can create when you trust your capacity to become a conscious creator and feel confident and powerful about it.

Even at this moment, you can be suffering from being a victim of your mind and not even know it…

…YOU have the solution right here, right now, in the understanding of the questioning process that your mind naturally and perpetually works with.

But, do you even know that you could Master Your Mind?

If you want to easily master your creative power, you must educate your mind and make it your servant. It starts with a clear understanding of How Creativity Truly Works.

Next, you must find the right way to authentically interact with your mind. You need to communicate in a way that it can understand you and in turn it will then instruct the Universe how to support you.

Finally, you must master how to use the high frequency questioning process that your success consciousness needs, to be able to create your ideal life-style. (These are the 52 empowering qualities you have with your Creative Question card.)

A Quick Manifestation


And The Rumors are True:
Life Gets Very Exciting
When You are the Master of Your Mind

Red dot

Imagine holding the Creative Question Card that is your right support for this moment… with the exact high frequency question that will help you to energetically vibrate and attract that quality into your experience…

Red dot

Imagine the power you are going to have… when you confidently trust that the Universe is on your side…

Red dot

Imagine waking up in the morning, feeling passionate about yourself and your life and knowing that your day will unfold as a miracle to match your Creative Question and your desires.

red dot

Imagine having a complete set of the Creative Question Cards at your service 24/7 FOR YOU, helping you to turn your ‘downs’ into a positive outlook that is the foundation for your success.


When You’re Ready To Play A Bigger Game,
Creative Questions Can Help You Get There!

  • The Creative Question Cards have already ‘coached’ thousands of people to get their minds working for them.
  • The Creative Question System is the way of thinking that taps directly into the Creative Power of the Universe and helps you to radically experience the joy of having a mind that serves YOU, with total loyalty!

Inspiring A Collective Attitude

Recover Your Safety

What You Get with the Creative Question Cards Set

The Creative Question CardsThe Creative Question Cards is the first Self-Improvement system that uses ‘question cards’ to inspire you to think good thoughts, enjoy pleasant feelings and sparkle with a contagious positive attitude.

The Creative Question Cards come in an attractive and practical casing with a classy and elegant feel, with embossed silver print on a black background, making it a joy to invite your friends to play with.

There are 52 Creative Question Cards that support you to be successful in the 52 most important aspects of your life, so instead of succeeding in one area of your life, only to be disappointed by failure in another, you can reach satisfaction in all areas of your life.

Each card has 3 inspiring Creative Questions printed on them. Perfecting the 3 Step Formula is what brings about the total transformation within each topic.

  • The main “why” Creative Question takes you away from the habitual limiting thinking that prevents your progress and instead builds a foundation for your new expansive thinking.
  • The second “transitional question” gives you courage through becoming aware that you have already succeeded some.
  • And the third “feeling question”, which stands alone on the back side of the card, finalizes the integration of your new accomplishments. Once you feel the Creative Question you start to see it around you as an integrated part of your real life.

The 80-page Creative Questions Guidebook makes sure that you get the most out of the Creative Question Cards and takes you step by step through each vital topic, helping to plug the holes in your life.

  • First, it instructs you as to why the Creative Question Cards work and why this system will bring you fast and easy results.
  • Then, with a clear explanation, it guides you as to how to use the Creative Question Cards.
  • Finally, there is a comprehensive description of the empowering meaning of each card, so that you may receive the maximum effect and transformation to living the life and lifestyle you want to live.

The Creative Question Cards can be played at 7 different levels, which are explained in detail in the Guidebook. As you become more advanced you challenge deeper levels of yourself to accept your Success Consciousness.
Putting your daily card in the card stand, on your desk or your coffee table, displaying it where you can see it during the day, keeps your mind chatter from sending you on a soap opera of negativity and instead reminds your mind to be your servant, bringing you the satisfying lifestyle that is rightfully yours.
For your travel needs the cards are carried in a transparent black Organza bag, so that you can easily see and be reminded of your Support Card For The Day, without having to bring out all the cards.


This is me, Introducing the Creative Question Cards to a group of coaches and healers.

and start to enjoy your own transformation.

By now, I’m sure you know the benefits of having your Mind become the Servant of your SUCCESS.


The Creative Question Cards System