capableDiscover how to Free Your Mind from wishful thinking so it can work for you to create what you want.

The Creative Questions System is the greatest breakthrough since the development of affirmations.

You can immediately feel the advantage of the question “Why can I do it?” over the affirmation “I can do it.”

The statement is kind of flat and requires your continuous personal enforcement, while transforming it into a Creative Question awakens its inherent manifesting force. Creative Questions spontaneously delivers all the answers you need to successfully create what you want.

A Creative Question, like
Why Am I Capable?
releases your self-doubt and suppressed power and boosts Your Self-confidence, Passion and Success.

When you “get” the “Creative Questions System” you will use it, like we do, as a new language. This is an amazing way to tap into your hidden potential, that is just waiting to be unleashed.

A quick way to connect with being capable is to use this Feeling Creative Question from the Creative Question Cards Guidebook:

How Do I Feel When I Am Capable?