Doctor MonicaHow many of us have heard or know that we create our lives? How many of us like or really enjoy that we are the creators of our lives?

The more conscious I become the more I realized the process of creation and Wow! What a journey!

One year ago Arne and I realized that the house we were living in was too small, especially since we both had our office at home. We talked about it but I was not ready to think that it was possible to have a brand-new place. I was getting more and more irritated about the “space” thing and in a very natural way the conscious process of creating our new house started.

We began our Conscious Creation by asking each other what our new ideal place would be like, which made us think about it and imagine it. The more we dreamed the more fun we had.

Then we took what I call our first “physical” step and created a “Treasure Map”. This was to help us visualize, in front of us, all that we wanted, from the kind of roof to the number of rooms, the office etc. We felt so playful that we began to drive around, following our “inner guidance” to look for the “perfect place”. We found a builder with the slogan, “Making Your Dreams Come True” that caught our attention. It turned out that they could build the exact design that we wanted. That felt empowering, and scary too, but I consciously choose to focus on “lets play” big and have it all!

So we asked for the home of our dreams plus a separate building for office, session and workshop space, including a hot tub and swimming pool where we could comfortably offer Unlimited Breath sessions and workshops. It was amazing! I could not really believe it could become real, but kept playing the game of asking for what I wanted. If I stopped and thought too much about what I was doing, I would start to shake, so I decided to just keep going and not think too much; enjoying each moment as much as possible.

The hardest point was when I became aware of all the thoughts I had about it being “impossible”, fears of lack, memories of “losing it all”, or not being capable, etc. You know them right? At that point I took the time to embrace “my wounds” with gentleness and patience. I took several Unlimited Breath sessions to bring light to the limitations and fears; finding more “space” and more capacity to choose my new thoughts.

I felt very supported by Arne who reminded me not to focus too much on my worries but keep talking and feeling the joy of our new place.

Don’t ask me how, but on January 31st, last year, we signed a contract for our new home and 10 months later we moved in.

What a miracle! Well, not only a miracle but also amazing to see that creation is inevitable and how, without the limitations of fear and scarcity, the creative process can be pleasurable and fun.

So what about creating consciously?
That is my invitation to you: Use the process of creation to realize who you really are. Bring light to all the limiting thoughts you have to discover the unlimited being you are!

Do that by letting your limitations be, and gently focus on what you want, constantly honoring your True Nature!

YOU ARE UNLIMITED! It is very powerful for me to realize that my capacity to enjoy and celebrate life is growing and how the feeling of gratitude for all “that I am”, feel or have is more and more present.

I invite you to discover the Conscious Creator that you are, with ease and joy.

Many of us lose our “intention”, get trapped in our old habits or belief in scarcity on our way to consciously creating something.

Then it is wise to ask for support from people on the same path.

Creative Questions is a Conscious Community committed to nothing less than the truth. To have a series of individual sessions can keep your focus. Click here to find out more about Unlimited Body, Unlimited Breath and Goddess Inspiration.

To attend workshops can make you more aware of how Conscious Creation works.

LOVE, Monica