Hello Creative Questioning friends,

I wanted to share something wonderful with you all. Gratefully my condo is selling and I had begun a search for a new home and was very very dismayed by all the properties I looked at in my price range and also by what was available for rentals, I felt stressed not knowing where I was soon going to live.

Then I pulled the Creative Question “Why Can I Trust?’ and began asking this and it eventually brought more and more ease to my being¬†overall the more I asked “Why Can I Trust?”.

Then something really AWESOME happened! My mom out of nowhere asked me about a property she saw on MLS system that she wanted to see for the unusual architectual design. I asked my realtor to show it to us even though it was at the time way out of my price range. Now my mother and I are under contract to buy this property and I will move into my dream home the day I move out of my condo! (Aug.31rst!)

So, I am sure that my shifting into “TRUSTING” brought me all that I had been wanting as my next home. I Love and Miss you All! Thanks for the Inspiration!