supportedLately I have had a interesting experience on my personally journey. One moment I was feeling good and the next not so good. This got me to recognize that the only difference between those two moments was my attention on feeling loved and supported or fear of some unknown possible disaster.

There was no change in my outside world during this. This made me frustrated because I could not find a way to guarantee that I would feel good independent on what was going in my life.

I realized that this switching of modes was the switching of my attention between the two feelings of feeling attacked and feeling supported. I knew I was on to something because this is the number one topic in my life that I couldn’t tolerate and haven’t been able to let go of.

Then I looked at which question could cause me to feel bad and realized it was my well-known “Why am I attacked?” and saw the how this question has been the driving force of my whole life. Feeling attacked instills a constant level of fear.

I saw that my too early and hurried conception was based on getting away from the support which appeared in my mind as attack.

Looking at the world it looks to me like fear and non-trust is a huge driving force. Of course I had the reasons because I had the question.

When you don’t feel good, contemplate and identify the undermining question.

It is probably a fear instilling thinking-question. This question causes you to take charge of your life away from whatever is non-supportive in your mind.

I reversed my negating question and came up with “Why am I supported?” and realized that it is my life-lesson to learn to trust support.

I have even created the healing modalities that entail a 100% allowing and trusting that “God” is not attacking but loving and supportive.

Since then I have had several situations where I changed question midstream and got different result. I found myself discussing with the supervisor of the TV company to change and give me a different deal with no result. In the middle of discussion I recognized that I was feeling attacked and stopped my discussion and focused on my new question “How am I supported now?” Instantly the supervisor changed and said, “But we can…” Wow!

Another challenge appeared on the horizon after I had recognized this good question, as a negating question tried to attach itself to some other aspect of my life.

What we call the Healing Ceiling happened. I need to be alert on not transferring my negating question to any other area of my life and if it does change each and every specific question as these examples.

Why is my world supporting me?

Why is my body supporting me?

Why is money supporting me?

Identifying your affirming question.

This question will make you feel safe and relaxed. It will affect all of your life situations.

The steps to feeling good:

  • Recognize your deepest negating question. This question is always present when you feel bad and never present when you feel good.
  • Identify the question that reverses the old question and get you to surrender to your truth.
  • Practice the new Creative Question. Stay focused on your new question even when the apparent dis-liked situations and feelings appear.

Watch your life and your experience of your life change miraculously.

Why Makes You Feel Loved and Supported?