why-am-i-excitedYou may have noticed that you feel the best and reach others when you are in a good space and are having good energy. When you share your good energy everyone benefits. You win by being in the good energy and other people benefit by receiving your good energy.

Unfortunately, it is easy to lose one’s excitement and get caught up in disappointment.

One reason we fall into this trap is that we get into the mindset that our aliveness can bother others rather than realizing that we are a gift and contribution.

The challenge is to break the habit of self-doubt and holding back and foster the wisdom that your passion is actually empowering to yourself and others.

Spend a few moments throughout your day and let these Creative Questions, one by one, remind you of your good energy:

Why am I excited?

How am I an inspiration?

How do I feel when I know I am a contribution?