good-enoughHave you ever felt that no matter how much you do your best, it is never good enough?

I always have a long list of things I need to do.

A part of me is constantly checking if I am working enough, being spiritual enough, having enough money, having a good enough relationship or if my body is good enough …

And when I do succeed in one area I forget to celebrate this success by jumping straight to the next unfinished project.

Can you relate?

The Good News is that now I realize that I have trapped myself into feeling not good enough, because I have been asking myself the dis-empowering question “Why am I not good enough?”

Now, when I feel “not good enough” I remind myself that I am actually doing my best and thus I can easily switch my limiting question for the new Creative Question “Why am I good enough?”

How about you? If you can use a little acknowledgment, Take A Minute NOW and ponder the Creative Question: Why Am I Good Enough?

Don’t get too occupied with the answers, but keep focusing back on the Creative Question itself.

A quick way to feel Good Enough is to use this “Feeling Creative Question” from the Creative Question Cards Guidebook:

How Do I Feel When I Feel Good Enough?