Sometimes, I feel stressed out with all the things I have to take care of.

Then, I remind myself that this kind of attitude must be fueled by an unfavorable question.

Through a little investigation, I notice that my mind is busy thinking “Why is my life such a struggle?”

Have you ever thought that?

I am glad that I base my life on the Creative Question language. Now I know that by switching my question to its opposite I can get excited about my work again.

After a minute of choosing the Creative Question “Why is it so Easy?” I start to relax and remember that I don’t have to finish all my projects now, especially since I will probably never run out of new projects.

I am very excited to share how easy it can be to change an experience by simply transforming a dis-empowering question to a supportive Creative Question.

Here is the key: When you struggle, start to ask yourself: How Do I Feel When It Is Easy? Then watch your mind fill with good answers and your experience change.

Sometimes it can be difficult to make the switch and difficult to accept that new High Frequency Creative Question. If your mind tells you to stay away from that question, with reasons and enough evidence to the contrary, you can use this Transitional Creative Question:

How have I Changed from Struggling to Relaxing into the Flow of Life?