Have you noticed how people are starting to use the Creative Questions language? They may not realize that it is the questions themselves that activates their success, but nevertheless they use them.

A common great Creative Question that opens you up to the goodness of any situation is:

When we use the Creative Questions language, we inspire our own and other people’s lives deeply, instead of being lost in our usual shallow living.

Here is an example. First the old way I approached my wisdom:
I like you to start to use the Creative Question Cards because it directs your mind to create what you want.

The new Creative Question language will say the same thing like this:
When you pick a Creative Question card and contemplate that new inspiring High Frequency Question, you will remember how perfect you are. You will find that your whole body relaxes and you fill up with new fresh energy.

Did you feel the difference?

I invite you to play the Creative Question’s game and ask yourself:

“What is so good about
(fill in the blank)
________________________________ ?”

Notice how things can change from being boring, frustrating or negative to being interesting, positive and exciting.