Discover how High Frequency Questions easily re-programs Your Mind to focus on your success.

Do you believe in yourself? I have noticed that sometimes I don’t believe in myself. I mean really believing that I am a valuable divine being.

So, I try to overcompensate by being a “productive” “nice guy”, working and working, trying to prove to myself and others that I am valuable.

I am very excited to share with you how easy it is to change this experience so you can learn to do the same. By simply transforming a limiting question to a High Frequency Creative Question your mind will look for new evidence to prove that you do have reasons to believe in yourself.

I have taken a look at what my mind is busy thinking and found that it often considers the question “Why don’t I believe in myself?”
Luckily I’m not my mind, so I have the power to choose to change this question to a question that is in alignment with what I consciously want.

Now, I exchange my limiting question, with its opposite Creative Question “Why Can I Believe In Myself?” and so recover my value, confidence and belonging again.

A quick way to get to experience your new empowering life is to ask what we call “Feeling Questions”. You can quickly switch to feeling “High Self-esteem” by this High Frequency Feeling Creative Question: