Whether you focus on success or failure, you will live with what you focus on. So, you have to intentionally choose to focus on what you want, to access more success.

The hard part is to actually consistently keep your mind focused on your success.

The Creative Questions system is the practical and easy way to trick your mind to keep its focus on your success?

When you ask yourself a question, your mind has no choice but to look for answers to that question. Without any effort on your part, your mind will focus and find matching results to your question. (Similar to how Google Search engine finds matching results.)

Unfortunately, some of the questions you ask yourself are not good, but mind has no choice but to find evidence for their validity, even if you think you don’t want that, like “Why is it so hard?” or “Why am I sick?” your questions bring answers like: “I have no support.” And “I have met with people who are sick.“

Since your Creative Question is a high-frequency “specific question”, it will guide your mind to find a way to manifest what you are actually want. This is like the example of being in the market for a new car. You speculate “Why is this a good car?” and suddenly you see this car everywhere. Right?

YOUR JOB is to feed your mind the kind of questions that makes you feel and experience the what you actually do want and then sit back and watch your results manifest.